Digital transformation in healthcare


About dht - The link to digital innovations

The digital health transformation eG is an association of hospitals and hospital groups that want to master the challenge of digitization of the health care system together. The aim is to recognise potential in the provision of care, identify potential partnerships and drive forward innovation projects.

The digitalization of the German health care system is progressing steadily. The use of digital solutions and technological possibilities will change the processes in the entire health care industry in the future and thus open up new ways of patient care. This continuous change, however, also poses a challenge for hospitals to use existing financial and personnel resources efficiently, which should not be underestimated.

The aim of the digital health transformation eG is to identify useful fields of application for digital innovations by bundling the available resources and knowledge and to implement them together with selected national and international partners from industry and science. To this end, interesting digital solutions and clinical use cases are to be brought together, validated and, if successful, sustainably introduced into the German health care system. In the future, dht can also act as a venture capitalist or even actively participate in research and development projects.

An association for a strong coexistence

The digital health transformation eG is an initiative of many. The legal form of the association makes it possible for every member to get involved within the scope of their possibilities. The development of the cooperative is determined by the general assembly and the supervisory board. The members are regularly informed about the current status of the projects. Further information on the cooperative can be found in the statutes.


The digital health transformation eG team works at the interface between members and partners. TOGETHER we work on the digital transformation of the health care system.

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Jared Sebhatu

Chief Executive Officer

Jared Sebhatu heads the digital health transformation eG. He built up comprehensive expertise in the innovation process and business model development, especially in digital healthcare, through positions at a large number of international companies in the healthcare industry. With this knowledge, he advises a large number of small and large healthcare companies in the areas sectors of strategy, technology and innovation management.

Michael Mut

Project Manager

Michael Mut manages individual projects of the association. In addition, he continuously supports the identification of potentials in healthcare and the formation of innovation partnerships in the healthcare industry. He applies his experience and skills sets in the planning, conception and implementation of integrated healthcare models.