Together we want to make a positive contribution to the success of our members.


Membership: We support our members in the digital transformation

Membership - Together it is easier.

The challenges in the health care system are multifarius: shortage of skilled workers, demographic change, new legislation - the pressure on the quality and efficiency of care is constantly increasing. The impression that digitization can provide added value here, as in other industries, is nearby, but in most cases it is still theoretical. Real success stories are often still missing. The digital health transformation eG would like to close this gap TOGETHER with its members and partners.

dht as a joint research and development department

Fields of action are identified and the medical and economic potential is estimated. Compared from nationally and internationally available products on the basis of objective criteria and selected for further cooperation. These solutions are tested in clinical reality with a previously defined objective. The results are made available to the members within the framework of a detailed cost-benefit analysis, who can then decide independently whether they wish to introduce the innovations at previously negotiated conditions.

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Our members

Alexianer GmbH

One of the largest healthcare companies with over 16.000 employees in Germnay alone.

St. Josefs Hospital

With a total of 800 beds and over 2,000 employees, the JoHo clinic group is one of the most important providers in the region.

Barmherzige Brüder Trier gGmbH

The BBT Group operates 80 health and social care facilities - one of the largest national hospital operators.


Innovations - We enable system access

The innovation process for digital solutions in Germany represents a major challenge: Medical device approval, data protection, interoperability.

The Digital Supply Act creates new opportunities for market access. However, this has not yet made it into the healthcare system. The digital health transformation eG would like to support its partners in achieving sustainable access to health care.

dht is your competent partner for digital innovations

Interested companies with innovations along the clinical value chain can suggest your use case and solution. In coordination with the partner, the use cases are validated and the products are analysed against the competition. If successful, the framework and objectives for a trial will be defined together. After successful testing, the partners negotiate with dht and decide on further cooperation.

On this basis, the results are made available to the members of the cooperative, who can then decide whether to launch the products.